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A Premium Experience

We engaged Sparkle & Spirits in 2018 to manage all bar operations for our comedy festivals in Bristol & Greenwich and have never looked back. Carrie is an absolute powerhouse and runs

an incredibly slick outfit with the support of her core management team and entrusted staff. 

In 2019 Sparkle & Spirits were integral to the successful delivery of our third festival

which we launched in Brighton. 


Carrie has an expert understanding of her industry and a passion for her trade and this,

matched with her business flair and level-headedness, is such an asset to our events. 

Since working with Sparkle & Spirits we have seen a significant increase in revenue as well as welcome reductions with expenditures.  Sparkle & Spirits guaranteed a premium experience for us the organisers as well as our audiences and they have delivered beyond expectation. I would wholly recommend their services to anyone looking to improve and expand their bar operations.

Cass Randolph | Producer | 57 Festivals

Professional with extremely

high standards

We have been extremely fortunate to work with Carrie and the Sparkle & Spirits Team since 2017 and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Carrie’s attention to detail is second to none
and she runs an extremely slick operation with the help of her outstanding team,
who’s standards are all of the highest level. The knowledge and expertise Carrie brings to an event is immeasurable and ensures a professional and successful bar sector which will run efficiently.


Carrie is simply a machine and I cannot ever imagine working with anyone else
within the event bar sector.

Marcus Berriman | Founder | London Tattoo Convention

London Tatoo Convention.png
Townsend Wedding Sparkle & Spirit

Perfection in every detail 

A note to say thank you & your team so much for creating our spectacular, unforgettable wedding day – we truly loved every moment. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you, Carrie… 

Thank you again!

David & Jayne Townsend | Bride & Groom | Eastbourne

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